2018.06.14 v0.2.8 Kilimanjaro University Peak - Kernel Update

Highly Recommended Update
Please update your kernel to this version

An updated version of the Binary has been released, v0.2.8 is available here

ensure your Keystore is backed up and secure.

As a best practice please don’t copy and paste your config file. Update the new config with your preferred settings and address.

You can copy your database folder over if there is an issue see our tutorial on how to revert blocks.

Change Log:

Bug fixes:

  • p2p outbound connection (PR#515)
  • zmq server shutdown (PR#505)
  • vm issue fix

Enhancement or Feature:

  • Database support state pruning to decrease database space usage. (PR#478) (PR#482) (PR#498) (PR#513)
  • log system enhancement (PR#502) (PR#518)
  • Java API getNrgPrice implement (PR#500)
  • Java API package into the release build (PR#520)
  • Keystore path enhancement (PR#516)

Hi everyone, “bumping” this post.
As per our stats, only 11 nodes out of 184 have updated. This update has a lot of improvements and fixes, would request everyone to update their nodes. It would be awesome if we could get everyone to follow our bi-weekly releases and update to the latest binary, especially in the next couple of months. Each release will have significant updates and since we are working with dApp developers to start deploying apps on the network in the near future, would be ideal to have everyone running the latest kernel.


“Bumping” this post again we are still only at 25%. Would be great to have as many live nodes update to the latest binary