Accessing wallet with mnemonic phrase

I have read all the information looking for the method to use a mnemonic phrase to open an account as my password does not to work. When I enter a password for unlock seed account I receive the message “cannot encrypt your seed”. I followed another link from support and attempted the process on my windows program with no success. I have yet to find how one can enter the mnemonic phrase. Thank you for any advice.

email Aion support:

You should make sure there are no trailing white space at the end of the last phrase, also between each word of the mnemonic phrase you should give a space

Thank you for your response. I do not have a place to enter the mnemonic phrase as I only have two inputs unlock account and import account. As my password does not work I am left unknowing. I did follow all the leads I had on this site from renaming my file to .anion-old, which wasn’t allowed-this file does not exist- to downloading the latest version. When I watched the video from anion concerning the bridging of coins an entry point was provided for the mnemonic phrase when she opened a wallet. I would love to find this place.

If you’re restoring from the seed, you have to reset the wallet

Uninstall, delete the hidden folder, then reinstall (backup the keystore before you do this). After you reinstall, you should be given the option to restore your wallet with the mnemonic phrase