Acent Test Net Reward Form

Hi All,

To reward community members who participated in the Ascent Test Net, we have finalized on a weighted average of two data points.

  1. Activity on the forum during the Ascent test net period i.e. April - May, we have all the data points for this and have done our analysis

  2. Mined coins on Ascent.

  • Please enter your details here -

  • We have the test net database for analysis but we have heard from some of our top contributors that they have deleted their key store because of the lack of clarity in the messaging if you fall into this category please add some details on the comment section giving an approximation of the test coins you mined and if you have an idea of what your address was like.

Deadline - The form will be live until Wednesday 30th May 2018, 5.00 PM EST
Note: Payout discretion lies completely with the Foundation and there could be some subjective decisions