Aion Coin listed on Bilaxy July 6 - 5am ET

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We’d like to announce that Bilaxy, a global multi-cryptocurrency exchange that provides real time and safe trading, is listing our native Aion coin at 17:00 UTC+8 on July 6th, 2018 with full withdrawal and trading functions live at 17:00 UTC+8 on July 8th, 2018. This is the first instance of the Aion coin being integrated into an exchange, and we are very happy to partner with Bilaxy for this event.

To check out Bilaxy, the global multi-cryptocurrency:

Eastern Time

  • Bilaxy lists and accepts deposits of Aion Coin on July 6th 5am
  • Full withdrawal and trade functions on July 8th 5am

Very exciting, thanks everyone! ~72 days after launching Aion-Kili the coin is listed on exchange.


Great but do they have an english translation? :thinking:

Top right button/link to swap to EN.

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Ooops my bad. I was on my phone and with opera. There is a floating EN button :innocent:. Thank you digital :slight_smile:

Am I wrong or deposits are sitll not allowed?

Oh my god, and they ask for an ID and pictures of id :thinking:
Anyway i didn’t want to sell, so i will pass on this one (i know i voted for liquidity… but… oh… well… will wait for binance).

Is this exchange for the mined coins?

yes, this is for mined Aion native coin.

Ok, when you register, you cancel when they ask for an id and the account is created all the same. You are only limited to a max transaction amount if you dont do the verification.

so no need to do the KYC verfication process for trading and withdrawals?

Nope. I have been able to send aion to bilaxy, sell aion (for testing purposes lol) for eth, then i managed to withdraw my eth towards my exchange in canada. All smoothly.

When they ask for verification, just close your browser then open it again and you can login and they dont bother you anymore with verification. I think you have to be veirified if you want to do 30 eth transactions, which will never ever be my case.

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nice, good to know! so trading is now live? thought it was live at 1pm EST.

I calculated 5 am for East :stuck_out_tongue:

Volume is low anyway but i think price cant be much less than on Binance. Well it’s anyone guess what will happen with price. I’m used to see some pump and dump and we are still in a kind of bear market. We will see what happens.

i cant withdraw (((((((

Strange as i have withdrawned more than you. I see you have a google auth for withdrawn whereas i have sms verification and i dont recall they have proposed me anything. I just created an account then closed the browser when they asked for an official paper.

Why are there no deposit addresses?
Will anyone investigate this matter?

They are updating their infrastructure

Dear Bilaxy users,

We will make some upgrading about deposit and withdraw system of Aion Mainnet coin. Due to the upgrading, withdrawal and deposit of Aion mainnet coin will be temporarily suspended and will resume normal once available. Pls stay tuned to Bilaxy announcement.

All delayed/failed Aion mainnet coin deposit before upgrading will be automatically credited after systems upgrading, pls wait patiently and don’t worry.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

Bilaxy team