Aion dPoS Concerns

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Not sure if this is the correct topic to post under, but I saw this recent article highlighting the issues that current dPoS chains are having and wanted to see if Aion will face any of the problems mentioned.


Interesting article. I suppose until the full economic policy paper comes out for review by the community it’s a bit too early to comment about how Aion will handle these issues, specifically.

I think one particular twist that might mitigate some of Lisk’s problems is the fact that Aion delegate voters (validator backers) are comprised of both PoS stakers and PoI solvers, and the team has hinted that it is also considering including a reputation element as well. Validators would thus have to manipulate not only the financial interests of stakers but also solvers for support.

Just for the sake of discussion and future reference, here are a few other resources I found that discuss potential DPoS issues:


There are definitely a lot of benefits and drawbacks for DPoS as compared to PoW, luckily AION won’t be the first to implement it and we can look a bit at what works and what doesn’t. There’s probably still a lot that needs to be worked out from the team’s side and maybe we can provide some good insights with a good discussion!

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When will the the economic policy paper be released?