Aion Foundation: For the community, by the community

Today we’ve launched a new initiative that compensates community members for teaching others.

How the Program works

  1. Sign up for an Account on our Docs. (this is where our content is stored)

  2. Claim the Bounty associated with this initiative, you will fill out a form (please assure that your name is the same as the one used in )

  3. Read the Aion Voice and Tone Guidelines to familiarize yourself with how Aion speaks.

  4. Navigate to the AION UNIVERSITY section here . (pages you can contribute to will have a bounty call out)

  1. Get started on content you are uniquely suited for (you can contribute sentences, sections or pages — more below)

  2. Submit your suggested edits and we will review the content.

  3. If your content is merged or declined you will be notified by email of the status of your contribution at the end of every two weeks.

  4. We will pay out bounties for all accepted contributions on a bi-weekly basis on Friday afternoon EST.

You can read more about this initiative in detail here


Great stuff! I’m expecting this will help a lot.


I’ve done a page, curious on what you guys think of it.


This is great. Hoping to contribute a lot.

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Hey Hans,

We’ve received your submission and we think it’s awesome work :+1:! Would you mind filling out our creation bounty form so that we have your information on file?


Glad to hear that, thanks!

Filled out the form, I think I filled out another one before, this last one didn’t ask for my aion-address.
Anyway, you know how to reach me now.

Hi Mason,

It seems like many sections of the Aion Overview have been lost.

From the site returns 404 not found.

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fixed, we have migrated this content over to


Cool, Bookmarked. :grinning:

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