Aion Mainnet Coin Listing on Bilaxy

Dear users:
Bilaxy has reached an official strategic partnership with Aion, and will list native Aion mainnet coins at 17:00 on July 6th, 2018 (UTC+8). Trading and withdrawal will be available at 17:00 (UTC+8) on July 8th.

With the recent mainnet (dubbed Aion-Kilimanjaro) launch on April 25th,2018, came the birth of the native Aion Coin; which powers and operates the Aion-Kilimanjaro blockchain. Currently the circulating native Aion coins are generated from mining rewards on the Aion blockchain. Once the ETH to Aion bridge is released in mid Q3, holders of the ERC-20 token will be able to swap their ERC-20 for native Aion coins 1-to-1.

                                                   Bilaxy team