Aion Monetary Policy

Draft Version 1.0


Thanks for the informative release.

As a follow-up of sorts:
Just out of curiosity, will there be some sort of conversion rate between the aion tokens mined in testnet for actual aion on the mainnet?

@ironmanroxx the test coins will have no value and cannot be exchanged for actual Aion coins, for participants of the test network we will be providing rewards in Aion ERC 20 or Aion coins, metrics for rewards will be published later as we gather more data on test net participants

Fantastic, Thank you very much! I will read as soon as possible.

Found a typo in the current “Monetary policy” document.

Search for string “End of Yea 3 Supply”

Do yo have any progress on this?

yes, there is progress.
It is very much an iterative process, in where the consensus tech advances, and some economic models are explored, rinse and repeat, etc. When the tech advances enough where it exists in alpha, economic/game theory models will be refined to meet security requirements of the consensus. There are a number of environments the economics need to work under, such as, the consensus layer of a single chain, and among multiple blockchains.
In time there will be an open discussion in to how it could work, as well as live experiences getting community involvement.

What are your thoughts, any incentive models/example you think would be suitable?


This is not simple that’s why I was asking about. I read various papers time to time including very old ones like and very curious where all crypto is going. To make some suggestions probably I should reread the Aion whitepaper. And this will take some time.

I can say for sure that implementation of usable and secure crypto bridges will be one of the most outstanding features int the crypto world.