AION native coin liquidity - Survey Results

Sharing the survey results for the off-chain liquidity survey results.

The most important question for us was Q2 - “If you are looking for liquidity, can you wait for exchange listing or prefer immediate liquidity through an off-chain mechanism”.

The community is split between waiting for exchange and liquidity through an off-chain mechanism (50% - Wait for exchange vs 53.75%) (View result image here)

We have decided to not go ahead with the off-chain swap for the following reasons:

  1. We had kept an internal benchmark of at least 80% or higher to go ahead with the swap.
  2. The results of the ‘amount of Aion Coin to swap’ is lower than the minimum threshold we would consider.
  3. There is a significant overhead cost in terms of work hours (Development team and Business team) for off-chain swap. There is a lot of work going behind the scenes, and the team is very occupied with more long-term value-add projects, facilitating the off-chain swap would mean sidetracking some of these projects.
  4. We are very close to on-chain liquidity.

Thanks very much for filling out the survey, and many thanks for participating, mining, and supporting Aion.



Another poll i lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway i will wait for an exchange. Luckily for me, you are a great bunch of smart guys and i trust you :hugs:


I think this is great! The team can continue to focus on their main objectives. Good job team and keep up the good work!


@Aion-Dipesh this is good news IMO.

I will only speak for myself, but I would much rather see the team continue working on the project roadmap and striving to reach goals that will add tangible value to Aion.

With on-chain liquidity sounding like it’s pretty close, I think this result and subsequent decision is a no-brainer.

Thanks for all of your hard work. :+1:


Sounds good to me. Appreciate the focus on core goals.

Also, it does help reduce the quick flip mining crowd. :wink:


For securing the chain it is of the utmost importance that the bridge happens asap.
If we consider there would be no ASIC’s or big FPGA operations on AION yet, then it is logical to assume that the difficulty will start to stabilise next week. While miners might be welcoming the difficulty not rising further, it would be best if the difficulty would continue to rise to secure the chain and offer some protection against a 51% attack. At the moment there are about 5000 1080ti-equivalent GPU’s mining AION.

As long as the bridge isn’t public we can expect the difficulty to stabilise around 14 since a lot of miners see it as risky to mine AION as long as there’s no platform to sell the rewards at its rightful price.

With the bridge existing it would be a fair assumption to see the difficulty rise to around 18-20, or ~8000 1080ti’s equivalent. At that point there’s very little single operations that can execute a 51% attack.


Not sure what benefit a 51% attack would cause for hackers prior to liquidity mind you…


I absolutely love the way you organised this poll and shared the results with the community. Very useful to gain some insights in the decision making as well. Keep this up for a happy community!

Also I’m very happy with the final decision, I like the way the team keeps focused on the long term goals.


Bitcoin and altcoins are so depressed that it isnt worth it to sell anyway :sleepy:

Great to see you guys are focusing on the big picture & long term. Thanks for sharing!