Aion Surf: What's preferred threshold for payout?

We recently launched our mining pool, Aion Surf ( and we are looking to continually improve it so that it properly serves the interests of the miners and we have a question.

Currently, miners who join our pool are paid out after they reach 1 AION. We recently got an email from one of our miners asking if we could change that so we figured we’d ask the community for feedback.

What is the ideal threshold for when a miner wants to be paid out?


Great work with the pool! To get the discussion started - in a way it’s good that the min payout is 1 AION - a lot of other pools have a very similar amount. This works great for small miners who are just mining with a few video cards or just one or two rigs.

And in a year or two, as AION grows 1 AION might be a good payout amount for bigger miners as well. It’s just that if you are mining with lets say 5 rigs you’ll probably get a payout once every 30 minutes if not more often (with the current difficulty of around ~900kSol/s). Is that really necessary? I would say it suffices if you just get the payout a few times a day. Small payouts happening often look great for network utilization, but the miners end up paying more for payment processing fees (which currently are nice and low). Plus once you start looking closer at how the network is used, one can quickly figure out that 90%+ activity is related to pool payouts for miners.

Here’s another thought - maybe instead of adjusting the minimum payment amount, it would make sense to run payments once per 2 hours, or 4 hours?