Aion Token Bridge - Alpha Version Megathread

Hi everyone,
We’re excited to announce the Aion Token Bridge - Alpha Version for public testing. This is the first public release of our Bridge roadmap to a fully functioning generic bridge, where assets, data, and value can be transferred across a common blockchain protocol.

Please read our official blogpost here:

The Aion Team


Amazing, thank you! I see the bridge only goes one way- ERC20 to Native Aion, is that correct? Are there plans for Native Aion to ERC20 or ETH?

Thank you!

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As I’ve understood from the latest podcast, that is in the works. It would be done so that a limited amount of ERC20 tokens are made available in a given timeframe (which makes sense, price would suffer shortterm otherwise) to exchange both ways.
There was also a mention of an exchange enabling trade of the native AION before a bidirectional bridge exists.

That is next on the roadmap

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How soon can we expect details/instructions for those of us interested in hosting a bridge node?


OMG It works!

@Aion-Dipesh, congratulations on this important milestone.


Awesome to get to try this out and see it work flawlessly!

One question (which perhaps has more to do with the explorer than the bridge UI): why no link to the Aion Conquest transaction? The destination address balance obviously increased, and it’s great that there’s a link to the destination address on the UI to verify that, and the UI gives the Rinkeby transaction link too, but there’s no link to the Conquest transaction in either the UI or the destination address page.

I can find it in the explorer by guesstimating the time, then verifying the address in the “input data” field for the transaction, but can anyone explain why the transaction comes up as being sent to a different address in the explorer?

I know enough to be able to verify all these things for myself, but this “missing link” might be confusing for someone who doesn’t know where to look and what to look for.


I think congratulations goes out to our Dev team, I have been advising them to get some sleep we have a long roadmap


This is great! Definitely a great milestone for the token bridge. I tried it out (it worked!!!) and couple of quick questions.

  1. As already mentioned by @a_toad_a_so, since the UI displays ETH network transaction, I would expect AION transaction to be listed as well.
  2. Is there any way to return to the ongoing transaction screen should I close my browser (or it crashes, etc) to see it’s status?

Great job and thank you for working so hard on this!

I put together a walkthrough video for anyone interested:

@Aion-Dipesh @Jason , you can see what I’m talking about in my comment above at about 7:40 in the video. There’s some kind of disconnect in the explorer between addresses and transactions–you can check the balance of the address but not any of the transactions to it, and you can check the transactions but have to confirm the address and amount in the “input data” field.

The bridge UI looks great, don’t get me wrong, but this particular address/transaction pairing issue is that much more apparent because you can follow the trail so easily on Etherscan for the Rinkeby side but can’t on the Aion side.


I am looking into this atm

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Thanks for the video

Would be good to see the architecture of the bridge before reading the explanation below - presentation; slides

Here is what is happening on the Aion module -
Every Aion client listens to the bridge cluster for a transfer event; once a transfer event comes in every client sends a vote (transaction) to the smart contract to release funds to the Aion address, in Alpha Version the random address. Once 2/3 of the independent Aion clients vote for a release of fund (i.e. 2/3 majority is achieved) the release of the fund is processed by the smart contract; hence it is not one but 2/3 of N (where N is no of Aion clients on the bridge module) transactions, hence only the balance transfer is being shown.


on the bridge transfer site, anyway of making it so there’s no address being auto-populated? i keep sending to wrong address at times lol

The auto populate is to make it easier for people to use the bridge, and reduce the number of steps but yes for pro users it could be a bit daunting

yeah but when i open the site, it has a different address already there which is not mine.

I think I follow, but I’m still left wondering whether there’s a way to track this somehow in spite of the multi-client voting scheme.

For myself (and I imagine many others), having a complete end-to-end transaction record is not only one of the advantages of using the blockchain (accounting on an immutable public ledger), but may be necessary when tax time rolls around again. Further on that point, a number of crypto-tax services use or require exported data for the user’s address, which is unavailable with the current version of the explorer.

I don’t have an urgent need for this feature immediately, but it will be useful (and perhaps necessary) come next tax season.


interesting point. Noted and will take this up with the team. I am sure we could show the transaction

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