Aion Token Recovery Swap - Megathread

Hi All,
This thread is to support community members going through the Aion Token Recovery Swap to convert their ERC20 to native Aion coins.

For more details on how to request for a swap, please read this blog post in detail -

For members doing the swap, please post your questions and queries on this thread.


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I have my old AION on Nano. I have created the Syna stuff, what to do next ?

You need to sign your Aion address (Syna) with the Ethereum address (old Aion) .

This section of the guide -
Below is the step by guide to signing your Aion address and submitting your request on the Aion Community Support service desk.

Thanks but to be clear:

  1. I go to MEW with my Ledger Nano device
  2. I then sign my AION newly created addres in Syna in the MEW app.
  3. BUT: I cannot click on “confirm signing” button, it remains grey ! Any idea why?

Try to sign the address ; it’s almost the same process as MEW

thanks, but where do I go in “mycrypto” for the signature?

Mycrypto >> Tools (nav bar) >> Sign & Verify Message

ok but it is asking on my ledger nano to confirm and once I have done that I CANNOT confirm on my laptop itself, why is that?

If the same issue is happening on MEW and MyCrypto you should check the ledger device itself, please check the firmware etc and make sure you are using the latest version

an other input: I have tried mycrypto and MEW with Chrome, Opera, Brave. I keep having the issue, it seems my ledger is always timing out, the error message is: ““TransportError”,“value”:“Failed to sign with Ledger device: U2F TIMEOUT””

and it is only impacting web wallet it seems, see below:

==> so, what can I do with my old 1200 AION on my Ledger now…??

Try the desktop app - ; The old Aions on your Ledger have been frozen - you’ll be transferred native Aion coins once your request is submitted and processed. Looks like you are having a Ledger issue -I would suggest reaching out to their support if the desktop app doesn’t resolve your issue.

ok I finally was able to make it. I had to download the latest firmware of my Ledger and that fixed the bug.
I then have emailed you my Token Swap request (ACS-772 Token swap request - self service system - 060119)
Thanks for the support

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Once I have filled out the swap form, how long does it take to get the coins?
Are they directly deposited to my Syna account?

They will be deposited to your account; Swaps will be done on a first come first serve basis and will be done every two weeks.

Any update on a swap request posted June 4? I have posted several question to the AION telegram channel, NO REPLY whatsoever! What is going on here to get an answer ?!?

What do you mean “an Aion address that you own”? I used an Aion deposit address in my Binance account when I filled out the token swap request, will that not work? If not, what do I do now? And if that is the case, why isn’t it made specifically clear that for token swap you can not use an exchange Aion address and that it must be a desktop wallet address? Thanks very much in advance.

You can use your Binance deposit account, it will be transferred to that address.