Aion Token Swap FAQ

This is an exhaustive list of details about the Token Swap, for a shorter simpler explanation visit [here].



Aion Token Bridge and Swap is Live

Official Token Swap Announcement:

Matt Spoke Token Swap Video:

Dev Evangelist Kimberly Luu walks through the Bridge Swap

  1. using MyEtherWallet
  2. using MyCrypto

Official info and sign up for updates here:]


When is the swap?

The swap window will be between September and November 2018.

The swap window will be between September 2018 and November 2018 . Parts of the swap have already begun, and the whole process will be completed by end of November 2018 .

Do I have to swap?


But why?

We require all Aion ERC-20 Tokens to be swapped for AION Coins, as the full supply of AION Coins is necessary for the healthy operations and the crypto-economic design of the network. The existing Aion ERC-20 Token are not compatible with main net and bidirectional bridging. This is a mandatory upgrade."

Read the Aion Token paper Overview:

What if I don’t swap during the swap window?

There will be no future utility for the Aion ERC-20 Token and consequently we will be end-of-life’ing the token at the end of November. If you do not to migrate and you hold onto your Aion ERC-20 Tokens, your tokens will not be supported by the Aion Foundation, Aion Network, 3rd Exchanges or 3rd party Wallets. Only limited support will be available after the swap window closes, so you should swap during the window.

How many AION Coins will I get for my Aion ERC-20 Tokens?

The swap will be done at a 1 to 1 rate, so you will receive 1 AION Coin for 1 Aion ERC-20 Token.

Will the swap cost me anything?

If you use Aion’s Token Transfer bridge there will be no cost for the swap, other than the Ethereum gas cost for the transaction. If you use an exchange there may be a small transaction fee for facilitating the swap. You will need to check with each exchange for their transaction fees.

How do I migrate my Aion ERC-20 Tokens?

There are two paths for managing the swap:

1) Exchanges — We are working with a group of global and regional exchanges to provide support for the swap across our diverse community.** In the coming weeks, we will be updating a list of our partner exchanges that will be supporting the swap. These exchanges will allow you to deposit ERC-20 tokens during the swap period and at the conclusion you will be able to withdraw AION coins.

2) Bridge — You can access the bridge through our Bridge UI and wallet interfaces such as MEW, MyCrypto, and Meta Mask. To create your new Aion public address to input into the Bridge UI (User Interface), utilize one of the various Aion Coin supported wallets that will be available for the swap. From the Bridge UI and supporting tools you will be able to send your Aion ERC-20, check on the status of your bridge transaction and receive your AION Coins.

The Bridge is live, please refer to this document

Follow the official Aion documentation for using the Aion Token Transfer Bridge.


Do not swap with the bridge until you have fully read and understood the instructions

Do not change the amount (“0”) in the MEW (MyEtherWallet) or MyCrypto Transactions as the amount of Aion ERC-20s being sent is not visible. The Mew/MyCrypto process includes using pre-populated hotlinks generated from our Bridge UI.

How much AION ERC-20 can I transfer at a time?

There is a balance maintained on the bridge contract at all times. If your amount exceeds this balance the Aion Token Transfer Bridge will not let you generate the transaction and will ask you to try again. If your transaction fails to generate and you think it may be due to an attempt at sending a large amount of AION ERC-20 Tokens, please contact us at

How do I store and interact with my AION Coin?

You may store your AION Coin with any exchange or wallet which supports the AION Coin. Follow our blog for news on any new third-party entities which offer AION Coin support.

Why am I seeing dual AION listings on some exchanges

Several exchanges will be hosting the new AION Coin while simultaneously hosting the legacy Aion ERC20 coin. Although the legacy Aion ERC20 Token will no longer be supported by the Aion Foundation, Aion Network or any third parties it will still be present on exchanges for a short period of time. Over time — the Aion ERC-20 token will no longer be on exchanges and the only Aion asset listed on exchanges will be the AION Coin.

AION Coin Supported Wallets

Aion Desktop Wallets:

Coinomi (iOS & Android) info:

New Ledger Hardware Support Announced:

Additional supporting wallets will be announced leading up to the Token Swap.

AION Coin Supported Exchanges

We are collaborating on integration for the Aion Coin and Swap support with multiple exchanges both current and new. As to the exact timing of the support or when the listing will be available, we will communicate it through our channels

The current exchange swap options are to use


LATOKEN (3.8 Aion Fee)

Changelly (no fees):

Announcement Blog Post:
Exchange Site:



I’ve forgotten my password!

See this guide on how to recover your wallet if you’ve forgotten the password you set.


TRS stands for Token Release Schedule. This was a lock-up program to reward early supporters. The final TRS payment is on Nov 9th. There will be 3 weeks after the final TRS to complete the token swap, which ends the last day of November.

We’ll be updating this FAQ frequently, please add any other questions below which we can answer and add to the list.



I have got some AIon in the latest wallet 1.1.0 windows, and can’t send to any exchange, binance, Bitbox, I even tried changelly as suggested, sorry if this is a knob questions, but what am I doing wrong ? every time i try to send the coins to an exchange or one of the mentioned I get not a valid aion address.

can you help please I don’t want to loose my coins ?

also I got my coins after the 25th of April 2018 so would they be an AION coin not erc20 but I can’t send them anywhere currently.

alway get told invalid AION Address that I am sending to, binance, just tried Kucoin too same issue.



The simplest way is to use Changelly, did you follow the instructions here?

If you have coins in the Aion Desktop Wallet then you already have Aion mainnet coins, you do not need to swap. Binance currently only supports the ERC-20 token version, you cannot send mainnet coins to Binance. The error you see is due to address validation by the Aion Desktop Wallet, mainnet Aion addresses will always start with 0xa0.

If you are looking to trade mainnet coins now, then you can do so on: Bilaxy, LATOKEN, and VVBTC. More exchanges will support the mainnet coin soon (Kucoin for example has recently announced upcoming support).


If you have a specific issue with losing coins, please email our support line, they will get back to you within 48 hours or less.

Alternatively you can reach out to @AionJay on Telegram.

Hi Jay,

I’ve also experienced a similar issue to the others above in which I accidentally sent my ERC-20 AION tokens during the token swap rather than the 0 ETH that was pre-filled on the MyEtherWallet transfer. I had sent an email to about this more 48 hours ago, but I still hadn’t heard back. Just wanted to reach out here too in case it had been missed or wasn’t delivered properly!


Hi -

I had 1/2 my AION in myetherwallet and I was able to swap no problem. My other 1/2 is on Binance. When I try to send to myetherwallet I get an error message that says invalid address.

I also sent 1 AION from binance to my mac desktop AION wallet and that transaction was successful. If the AION sent to my wallet went through, does that mean they are swapped to AION and not ERC-20 tokens?

How can I tell if my balance of AION on binance is swapped or not?

Binance has completed the swap. Your balance on Binance is now Aion main net coin.

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I’m terribly a novice at the crypto scene. Between March and November I’ve been buying AION. I bought on Binance and Kucoin.

Is there anything swap related I have to do.

if you’ve been keeping aion on said exchanges, then no, the swap has been completed on both exchanges.

No if you had AION on Binance or Kucoin, they made swap for you :wink:

You can swap your AION erc-20 tokens back to ETH by using