Aion v0.3.0 - Mainnet - Moldoveanu Peak

Hi all,
The Aion team is stoked to put out a new version and one of the biggest kernel update till date. Please note that this is a required update to support the token swap process - read the blog post on the token swap process here

Aion Mainnet - Moldoveanu Peak v0.3 is here - click here to download the kernel

Release notes :


Pull in third party dependencies and build from source. (#567)


Introduced a production-ready server alternative to NanoHttpd, Undertow (#557)
Introduces SSL encrypted RPC calls through JSON-RPC (#557)


Rebuild logging setup, allows for more flexible configuration (#557)
Implementation of Aion Token Bridge precompiled contract (#600)
First implementation of Aion GUI Interface (#537) link
WatchGuard implementation for rebouncing the kernel automatically when the kernel gets stuck or crashes (#547)
Dockerize kernel support (#559)
Bug fix (#533, #539, #544)


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Thanks to all the node operators who updated to the latest node, a lot of the nodes still have not updated to v0.3.0. These nodes are mostly solo mining modes as pools have updated the kernel. We are requesting all solo miners to upgrade to the latest version of the kernel. If you are running the old kernel, the network will not support versions older than v0.3.0 after August 31. Any solo miner or mining pool who hasn’t update when the bridge launches will not submit valid blocks.