Aion V0.3.1 wallet instructions

Are there any detailed written instructions on how to properly upgrade the wallet from an older version i.e. V0.1? I have been searching and I haven’t found any information except for bits and pieces. I have my keystore, config files, api config files.ready to restart under V0.3.1
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Are you just wanting to manage your coins? If so, the latest Aion Desktop Wallet (v1.1.0) would only require you to import your existing keystore file. This is done in the GUI, no command line stuff needed, just click and browse to your keystore file (available for Linux/Mac/Windows).

You are no longer required to run a fully synced node in order to manage your coins as of v1.1.0 - the Aion Desktop Wallet by default securely connects to a hosted remote node. However, for increased performance, reliability and security, running and connecting to your own local node (kernel v0.3.1) is recommended.

Here’s documentation concerning the Aion Desktop Wallet:

Here’s documentation concerning running your own node:

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