Aion v0.3.2 - Megathread Discussion

All Aion Nodes need to be upgraded before Block number 1,920,000 |~ December 12, 2018 10:00am (ET)

For notes and FAQ see Aion v0.3.2 Release Notes and FAQ

Please post questions here, and we will add to and update FAQ.

NOTE Node Operators please familiarize yourself with the improved Aion directory structure. This structure is organized to better manage distinct network configuration and database files.

  1. Read the release notes -
  2. Read and understand the launch commands
  3. Read instructions on how to update the kernel
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just to say a big thanks to whoever wrote the easy kernel migration instructions at

makes life a lot easier than scrambling around and looking up the right extract flags etc each time


Can’t upgrade because the solo_pool no longer works with this version. I’ve made a github issue:

thanks for the post and issue in Github. we’ll get it sorted.

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