Aion Wallet 0 peers 0 balance

I was able to see my balance a few weeks ago. Today I see 0 peers with of course a 0 balance. On the Settings tab I am on the Default connection (URL: Port: 8547), can I add a new connection to solve this no connection problem?

Some people seem to have this connection error for some reason. You can try the Aiwa wallet or the Magnum wallet if the normal wallet doesn’t work for you.

The connection issue was resolved, I think there is no need to migrate to another wallet. We sometimes face intermittent issues between the wallet connection and Blockdaemon nodes. Blockdaemon is getting better with the issues and should be resolved once and for all in the near future.

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Hi, to help us debug this issue further can you share your geographical location that you accessed the wallet from.

I live in Thailand. The next day I restarted my wallet and the peers came up as did my balance. Thanks for your attention.