AION Wallet Balance Zero - HELP!

I just set up the AION wallet yesterday and transferred coins to it. All went well. When I log-in today the balance is zero and there is no history of the transaction.
In addition, the wallet keeps connecting and disconnecting; but even when connected, the balance was zero and it says “up to date”.

Please help.

There seem to be some connection issues with the default node (@Aion-Dipesh).

In the meantime, if you check you balance on it should reflect your actual balance so you know your funds are safe.

If you need to manage them, and the desktop wallet app isn’t working for you, you have 2 options:

If you’re using a Ledger, you can use and import the account through their interface.

If not, you should still be able to export the keystore file (unlock the wallet in the desktop app, then click the right-most icon next to the address you wish to export–should look like a box with an arrow coming out of it). Select where you’d like to save the export file and enter an encryption password. You can then import this file with AIWA (

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I set up the AION wallet months ago when we were instructed to swap and everything went well. I could see the tokens. I left the wallet alone. I recently tried to start the old AION wallet and it would not start in WIN10 so I backed up my .aion directory, downloaded AION Wallet v1.2.2. I started the new AION wallet without issue and entered my password. I then see my balance is zero. I see this thread so I input my wallet address into the AIon Mainnet and it shows no data available for my account! I’m kind of freaking out. Please assist, thank you in advance.

“No data” is different than a zero balance. Double check your address (did you create a new one instead of importing the old one?) and try on

Also, check these instructions:

@tothien please send an email to with as much details as you can provide.

I have the same problem. I set up my wallet months ago and all went well. I went to check today and my balance is zero. I checked on the mainet explorer and the same thing. My private keys are still very private and there is no way they could have been compromised.
Is there anything I need to do to recover my coins?

Make sure you are connected to peers in the desktop wallet.

You may need to update to the latest version of the desktop wallet if you haven’t already done so.

Make sure you’re checking the correct public key and not a new one.

Check the balance on both and

If you’re sure you have the correct public key and it’s showing a 0 balance in both explorers, is there any transaction history reflecting that funds were moved to a new wallet?

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This is embarrassing. But I finally remembered that I transferred the coins to my Ledger 4 months ago. All is there. Sorry for bothering you.

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No bother, glad they’re safe and secure!

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