Aion Wallet: Recover from Seed


I’m look in the recover my Aion Account via the desktop wallet using Recover from Seed. I have my 11 seed words and my password, however it’s stating that the phrase is too long,

Can you assist?

Thanks x

Thanks for the replay.

The background to my issue is that my laptop OS died and I had to rebuild, so lost my “old” OS and wallet. I downloaded v1.2.2 wallet to “new” OS and have attempted to recover using the Recover from Seed option under Add account. I’ve used my 11 word seed and password and been unable to open “old” account.

I’m not that technical, could you please explain how I reset the wallet Uninstall, delete the hidden folder, then reinstall (backup the keystore before you do this). After you reinstall, you should be given the option to restore your wallet with the mnemonic phrase?

If it’s a brand new computer, you don’t have to worry about the reinstall bit. Just enter each word separated by one space with no space at the end. Also, I may be mistaken, but don’t you have 12 words?

@a_toad_a_so is correct, your word seed should be 12 words long, not 11. It looks like you may be missing a word. Do you still have access to the old OS?

No the old OS became corrupt, so no access.

I have my password and that’s it.

I guess I’m out of luck?

I’m afraid so. Maybe you’ve got a paper backup somewhere?