Basic questions about AION


I see there is 115M AION circulating and 465M Total Supply - Is the entire remainder for POW/POS rewards?

How much does the team, foundation hold?

I notice you are proposing a POW/POS hybrid? or POW first, then POS? What exactly is going to happen, and when?

I also notice you are giving away your coin for testnet activity - what’s that about?


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Hey @Martin1 and welcome to the forum!

The bulk of the supply is being released as part of the “Token Release Schedule” that Aion have implemented for early backers. You can read the details of the release schedule here: The total supply is also not a hard cap - there will be 1% inflation each year for mining/staking rewards once the mainnet is live.

The Aion network will be POW first (based on the Equihash algorithm used within Ethereum/Zcash) and then the current plan is to move to a hybrid POW/DPoS system in 2019. Keep in mind that this may change depending on developments within the project and wider ecosystem.

The rewards given out so far are for testnet and forum participation. The current tokens being mined on the Aion testnet are NOT redeemable for real Aion tokens.

Hopefully this clears up a few things for you :slight_smile:


Seems complicated.

As someone considering buying; TRS people 100% + 322% bonus being released monthly (in tranches getting lower each month). And the founders 2.7% of 185M monthly (fixed). Constant dilution.

The founders kept 185M, that’s quite a bit isn’t it? There is currently only 115M in circulation, right? Perhaps less if we consider this TRS lock in scheme, I don’t know how CMC are calculating it.

Thanks for the reply & link.

The breakdown, from one of the whitepapers, is as follows:

  • 10% Private Sale and Public Pre-Sale
  • 50% Public Sale (ICO was cancelled and public sale tokens were put into the TRS)
  • 20% Founding Organization and Partners
  • 20% Aion Foundation
  • 100% Total

Regarding your point of dilution - you aren’t wrong here. Though, it’s my understanding that the TRS was set up as a way to reward early backers and participants while discouraging speculation.