Build your own Blockchain

Given that I am a bit confused myself, I wanted to start a thread regarding the benefits of the “Build your own Blockchain” announcement. My initial questions are:

  1. Once purchased, does everyone build and manage their own Blockchain or is the blockchain built by the AION/Nuco Team?
  2. What could someone who is not a developer benefit from by having a Blockchain?
  3. Will AION plan on using the Blockchain that a person purchases?

Look forward to learning more about this feature!

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I’m in the same boat as you my friend. I do find it strange that no one from nuco/aion has replied to you by now. And the forum is very quiet altogether…

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I asked about this in the Discord chat. The team appears to currently be out of the office as far as I know, so we’ll probably have to wait to get these questions answered. I imagine they’re extremely busy and Matt only made the announcement to move discussion to the forums on his latest post. I know we all want answers, and I am sure we will get them :slight_smile:


The build your own blockchain alpha product was launched in the Fall and is designed for those developers looking to generate spoke blockchains to the Aion network. This was around the pre-deployment of the Aion test network. As we are right around the corner from Aion test net, I’d recommend signing up to the Aion Test Net beta (described here The sign up form will be available within a day.

to answer the questions re Alpha Access BYOB

  1. this is a self compiled, built, and managed blockchain.
  2. requires blockchain development experience
  3. these blockchains are Aion network compatible, and could be attached to the aion network once launched.

Can someone link to this announcement? I am not a dev but learning some coding. Do I need to knwo coding?

See link:

The sign up form to the testnet beta group is now live:

Once accepted into the Beta Group you’ll receive a link to download a compiled binary of the full Aion blockchain node. Once launched, the node will be able to mine and secure the test network, launch smart contracts, and submit transactions on the blockchain. This is a beta, requires familiarity with command line tools, and will scale up and as the beta network grows.


such coin :tada:

Will it also work with non ETH based tokens, and how?

The testnet is its own network with its own coin. Being a testnet the coins hold no tradable value outside of the network.

The mechanism to connect Aion networks with other blockchain networks is the Bridge. i.e. connect to Eth, Bitcoin, WanChain, Icon, etc. The general requirements for the bridge is outlined in our initial whitepaper
The bridge is under active development.


When we could access the Nuco Kernel to build our own spoke blockchain product? Can’t wait to try it.