Cannot connect to blockdaemon server

I m unable to connect to the blockdaemon server. Also can anyone guide me with the rpc calls to get the balance on an address?

Hey @aion_mcu , what port are you trying to connect to?

@aion_mcu I m using Port no 8547

@aion_mcu I believe there were some issues with port 8547 that are being currently fixed. The port 8545 should work fine tho. I’m gonna let Blockdaemon team know, they should get back to you on that issue.
Thanks for your feedback.

Its not working for both the ports

Hey @aion_mcu, that’s unfortunate that Blockdaemon hasn’t resolved the issue yet, I’ll point it out to them again.
In the meantime feel free to use our another service partner Nodesmith (confirmed that it’s working). . It’s a free Infura-like type of service.

Please feel free to give us any feedback.