Cannot open AION wallet on MAC

When I download AION wallet on mac and attempt to open, I receive the following message: “AionWallet.v1.2.2.0329 no mountable file systems” as the reason the disk image could not be opened. Any advice on how to rectify before end of today?

thank you


you need MacOS : Mac OS High Sierra, Mojave

For this error the Internet recommends

  1. try downloading the dmg again
  2. Reboot your Mac if you haven’t already tried that. Apparently there is an issue sometimes after opening too many dmg files, that is fixed with a reboot.
  3. Try mounting the DMG on the command line in Terminal . We will at least get some sort of useful error message to go on if it still fails:
  • Open Terminal: In Spotlight, the search magnifying glass at the upper right corner of your screen, search for Terminal, and press enter to open the Terminal app.
  • Type hdiutil attach into the terminal. Don’t press enter yet.
  • Drag the dmg file from your Finder window onto the Terminal window and let go. This will fill in the location of the dmg file into your Terminal window.
  • Press enter.

will try…thx

Hey Jason,

I do not have the newer Mac OS but unfortunatly my Mac is too old to update to a higher software. Does this mean I can’t install the desktop wallet and thus can not store my coins safely on my ledger?

Here’s another option for you: