Can't send transactions with desktop wallet

There’s a problem with my Aion wallet. Everytime I try to send my tokens, a notification pops up with: INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE or REPAYTX_LOWPRICE. I have enough Aion tokens in my wallet, the explorer also shows my balance correctly. I’ve increased the Energy and Energy price several times, still doesn’t work. Please help me out.

Firstly, with current network usage there’s really no need to adjust either NRG or NRG Price from default values when sending a regular transaction.

Regarding the REPAYTX_LOWPRICE notice, click the “You have transactions that require your attention!” text underneath the Generate transaction button. Now you should be able to resubmit your previously failed TX which is currently preventing you from sending another. Check the NRG values are appropriate before doing so.

Regarding the INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE notice, be sure to account for the NRG deduction from your send amount. The default NRG values propose a maximum transaction fee of 0.00022 AION. So for example if you have 10 AION you can only input 9.99978 as your maximum send amount.

EDIT: well it seems the Aion Desktop Wallet might be the tiniest bit overzealous on this calculation for some users… instead of the expected 9.99978 you might have a max of 9.99977 (actually 9.999779999999999999 with the fee seemingly being calculated at 0.000220000000000001)

When attempting to resubmit a failed TX, the Aion Desktop Wallet automatically increases your NRG Price (double that from its previous attempt). Therefore you might need to recalculate your sending amount to compensate for the higher fee should you get an INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE notice on resubmit.


Fee calculation in AION terms is:

((NRG * NRG Price) / 10^18) / 10^0

Where 10^18 is how many decimals AION is divisible by and 10^0 is 1 AION equivalent.

So using the default values:

((22000 * 10000000000) / 10^18) / 10^0 = 0.00022 AION


Note, interesting tidbit… 21K NRG is actually the base NRG usage and so you may see standard TX’s only consume 0.00021 AION, however the Desktop Wallet defaults to 22K NRG and cannot be adjusted lower due to a legacy issue, so you must currently account for 0.00022 when using the Desktop Wallet (this will be updated in the next release I think).

Also know AION has their own terminology for decimal representations, 10^9 will be frequently used as it is the decimal unit of measurement for the cost of NRG (as GWEI is for ETH), as such Amp is introduced as the unit. (Ex: NRG price: 10 Amp):

EDIT: Lots of updates are in the pipeline for the next Aion Desktop Wallet release, especially the Send tab UX, which will make all this calculation stuff more user friendly and automatic!