Check hashrate on pool

How can the hashrate be checked when running a pool to which multiple rigs are connected?

Can I find more documentation on kernel & pool commands?


i have the same question?
is there anyone who can give the answer?

Pool software is early stage right now, nothing to check these things yet. Youll have to wait for better pool software or build it yourselve to share with pool owners…

I think some pools that have custom code are able to implement it in. However I would suggest sticking with pools that use aions own pool code. For instance f2pool says their fee is 5% but it looks like they take a lot more than they say.

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yes, apparently something like 30%, my pool is 0% across the board :slight_smile:

Did a calculation of this based on how much their account mined vs what is left on the account after transactions to the pool participants. It turns out they skim 26% hashrate.

unbelievable! what a scam job!