Dashboard 2.1 issues

Looks like a dashboard revision went live. I see it as being worse than what we had previously for two reasons:

  1. my older transactions are now permanently inaccessible unless I know the block numbers they were in.
  2. the “filter range” feature is completely useless if the max days in the range is 8. are you kidding me?
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I just found the same issues.

@xalspaero agree with the concerns raised, it was a call between performance vs feature and for this release we decided to prioritize performance . We are refactoring the back-end continuously to support more features for eg. longer transaction history by default.

@Jim I could replicate the bug and it has been fixed in our dev environment, will be pushed in the next deployment

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thanks for looking at this. I realize that these things are in flux so a few ill side effects is part of the game.

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