Dashboard v2.0 - Release Notes and Megathread

The philosophy and approach for v2.0 release of the Aion Dashboard were to build a robust dashboard that provides the capacity to rapidly add features in future versions. The Aion Dashboard is a tool for the community to access the information on the chain and acts as a facilitator of trust, and we would love to hear from our community on features you care about. Please email your feedback and suggestions at dipesh@aion.network or reach out on Discord or Telegram, or in the reply section below.

Performance Improvements

Performance on the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process has vastly improved, asynchronous writes have been implemented. Also, the capacity of the servers is improved and now can handle more requests. The Aion ecosystem is growing, and we aim to scale services to continue to provide users with the best experience. Architecture improvement will continue through along with feature development.

Network API Monitoring

Monitoring and reporting on API and database health are now more performant and sophisticated, helping us debug issues faster. Datadog, a real-time dashboard for network monitoring has been deployed for all staging and production servers; this helps us be proactive in identifying, tracking, and mitigating issues. Chain monitoring for chain behaviors such as chain reorganization has been made more sophisticated and performant, reducing debug times. Improvements to performance and load testing were a key priority for this release, internal as well as community UAT (user acceptance testing) was also completed.

Analytics and Visualizations

Visual analytics has been added for network stats such as active address and block times. Interesting analytics such as actual blocks mined vs. predicted block times for registered mining pools are in the backlog along with other interesting statistics on the network. Transactions can now also be download from Account view into a CSV file; this feature will be extended to other views.

New Features:

  • New Contracts page with a detailed view on contract event and event logs

  • New Tokens page with a detailed view for transactions, Accounts, and other details

  • Added Token support in Accounts view, now switch seamlessly between assets

  • Transactions from the Accounts page can now be downloaded into a CSV file

  • New graphical Analytics added for key network statistics; Active Address, Network Difficulty, Top Miners, Block Times, Hash Power, Transactions per Hour

Improved Functionality and Infrastructure:

  • Users can now do a universal search for Block, Transaction, Account, Token, and Contract

  • Improvements in handling incorrect parameters entered into the API to more accurately reflect the problem.

  • Database connection changed to a pool connection, along with security and alert updates

  • Notification system for issues in reading and formatting data from blockchain (ETL issues)


Looks great! Couple questions. Does the Token display look weird on mobile for anyone else? Any way we get comma’s in the numbers to see the Total Supply better?

I see theres a rich list for the Tokens. Any chance that can be added for Aion coins as well?

Really love the analytics page! Going to be fun seeing the accounts and transactions increase over time. And love that the search function now is “smart enough” to know whether its a wallet or transaction that you are looking up! Great improvements!

Appreciate the feedback; Will see what can be done in short-term; the long-term goal is to make it mobile friendly for sure. Rich list for Aion will be added once we close the bridge, right now it doesn’t reflect accurately cause of assets in two networks. Glad to know that you like the analytics we will be adding more analytics and relevant ones for sure. I have suffered from that search bar, glad we all don’t have to now !!. Looking forward to more feedback and suggestions.

New Dashboard looking great guys.

Can’t believe there are only 5k active addresses on the Mainnet so far.

Thanks for the feedback, with the tokens moving from Ethereum to Aion we will see this address grow, however the parabolic growth will be when dApps go live; ClanPlay has 1 million active users and they are all going to get an Aion address !!


First token on Aion is SantaCoin, Is Christmas coming early this year?

Previously I was able to get my account balance via the API using this URL:
https://mainnet-api.aion.network/aion/dashboard/getAccountDetails?searchParam= and then my account as the parameter.

However it appears this does not work anymore since the new Dashboard was deployed 2 days ago - could someone point me to the new base URL?


@mkiisk please use this - https://mainnet-api.aion.network/aion/dashboard/getAccountDetails?accountAddress=0xa0af20a93264a3b330d13ade8bfa5523cf09bd1f56493a4da4af037ead0f3451 ; Once the docs have been updated will make an announcement ;

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Regarding Dash2.0: Can you guys bring back the Transaction/Mined Block count number? Or criterial number, (I don’t know how is called in English). I’m mining solo, and now I have to count the blocks I’ve mined today :slight_smile:

still solo mining? what’s your total hashrate again?

3.3-3.4k .Still solo. On mining pool, I get 16-18 Aion / day. On solo, on average, more than that.

hmm, that’s interesting


We are aware of the removal in column numbers made the mining page less readable, some tweaks to the mining page will be done soon.