Dashboard V2.1 Megathread

Hi All,
Happy to announce that we have released v2.1 of the Aion Dashboard. Thank you to everyone in the User Advisory Board that help us with testing this release.

Release Notes

New Features:
● Addition of a feedback form in the website’s footer for the community to provide inputs
● Addition of a page-size picker on tables to allow users to extend the number of elements in a page
● Addition of page-picker on tables to allow users to navigate among the pages easily
● Filter by date range for Blocks and Transactions Lists View; default view displays blocks and transactions within the last month
● Filter by date range for Tokens and Contract Lists View; default view displays tokens and contracts created within the last year
● Addition of a Dark Mode option

● Improved responsiveness and mobile usability of the dashboard
● Improved table content to be more easily copied and have right-click functionality
● Added footer to include links to other areas of the Aion foundation
● Improved the alignment of page margins and other minor UX changes
● Replaced “contract creation” with actual links to contract
● Improved navigation between account and contract view of an address
● Improved messaging on the dashboard to be more accurate
● Improved querying on the database structure through structural changes (addressed further below)

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed issue of missing transactions
• Fixed issue of missing internal transfers
• Fixed issue of misrepresented token information

Rich list/Distribution of Coin holders is already being developed and will be part of the next release. Please help us plan the future releases by commenting here what new features you want on the Dashboard.


I don’t know if this remark makes sense, but on the tokens page it’s not clear to me how the tokens are ordered.

It might be handy to provide a column for “number of token transactions in the last 24 hours” and sort descending on that. This way the active tokens will be on top of the chart and the joke / test tokens will clutter the interface less.

I also don’t understand the wording op top of the list “Showing Tokens 1 - 25 of 29 for 365 days”, does this mean all active tokens of the last year?

Anyway, nice job, keep it up!

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@Hans thanks for the comment. For the next release, we are going to be working on the token page, and the contracts page will factor in this feedback.

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I like the dynamic look and feel of the page. The values that update in real time gives it a true dashboard vibe, more than an explorer look/feel.

Nitpicking a bit:

As you may remember, I’m a big fan of spinning gifs. However, the spinning block on the foreground seems a bit loud and gratuitous. At the moment it spins 3 times for every block.

I think it would look better if the animation was more discrete (less loud? if that makes sense) and would give a visual representation of the progress of the block. Something more like a progress bar and less like a ‘loading’-icon.

Regarding future features, it really depends on the general direction you’re taking this:

  • http://aionstats.com/ seems to be not working atm , something like https://ethstats.net/ is cool but for me personally a ‘nice to have’. Probably someone in the community will resurrect it soon.
  • A site like etherscan , with the option to bookmark addresses in your account, and get overviews and alerts, is very handy. Again, here a choice, should the foundation build this or will we let someone from the community set this up? After all, the explorer is open source so it’s not that hard to start developing extra functionality on top. We could also rely on the different wallet software as the go to way to manage portfolios. Also a valid strategic choice.
  • Another reason I go to an explorer is to check where my transaction is. Granted, the network is running very smooth right now, but if the network slows down it’s nice to know how your transaction is doing. i guess this implies having a node running with a lot of connections, so it has an index of as much transactions in the mempool as possible.
    When a transaction is floating somewhere, it would be great to provide a reassuring super-user-friendly status page if the user looks up the transaction hash. A nice spinning gif to keep the user busy for a bit while scanning the mempool for a not yet propagated transaction. :wink:
    Something along the lines of a package tracking page with estimates on the timing of the next steps. I think this is something the foundation should invest in since it addresses some of the negative aspects of the ‘customer journey’ of the crypto user.

Feature request

Is it possible to display the full transaction history, or the last N transactions? The current system only shows recent transactions (last 30 days); the only workaround is to download the account history, which is a hassle for a regular user.

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I agree it’s a hassle for the users, to keep the performance high we have restricted transactions to show only for the last 30 days. We will look at adding this feature to show all transactions in later releases or make it easier to download all transactions at the click of a button. For the next release, we are prioritizing the token page and the contracts page along with AVM support.

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