Deprecation of AVM Testnet

Hi everyone,

The Aion Virtual Machine went live on Mastery (testnet) at block no 2393000.
• Read about the AVM here -

Since AVM is now live on Mastery, our production testnet, we will be deprecating the AVM testnet on May 26th, 2019, 12.00pm EST as it has served its purpose. We want to thank everyone that participated in the testnet — special shoutout to the Nodesmith team that worked with us closely during the AVM testing phase.

If you are still on the AVM testnet, please migrate over to Mastery testnet before May 26th.

Please click here to access the binaries to run a Java node on Mastery - (Post will be updated to link the Rust kernel with AVM once it is released.

Please click here to learn about developing on AVM -