Derive Private key from BIP39 seed

I want to export a Coinomi wallet to AIWA. AIWA allows import with private key or keystore file. Coinomi does not support keystore file export, but does use a BIP39 mnemonic and notes a BIP32 derivation path for Aion (M/44H/425H/0H). Unfortunately, and do not support Aion.

It’s there another tool I can use? Can one be created? Is there a work-around (i.e. another wallet I can import the 24-word seed phrase to then export a private key/keystore from)?

I want access to the Coinomi account specifically for use with a dApp (BondWithFriends recipient/verifier), so simply transferring the balance doesn’t help me. Need to gain access this Coinomi account in AIWA.


Not an expert but wouldn’t this work on the first site you mentioned?

Tried that but it won’t take. Only shows key pairs for the selected crypto, and Aion isn’t in the list.

I also thought I could reset my Ledger, restore the Coinomi wallet to Ledger with the seed phrase, connect Ledger to the Aion Desktop Wallet or Magnum, then export a keystore file from there, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like the Desktop or Magnum wallet allows keystore export from Ledger.

Looks like I’ll have to wait for AIWA to integrate Ledger. Then I’ll be able to wipe it, restore the Coinomi wallet to it, and import to AIWA.

Any update on this? I use Coinomi and would like to integrate with Aiwa as well.