Directions for recovering aiwa wallet with 12 word seed

Does anyone have directions or a link for recovering a aiwa wallet with the 12 word seed. I can’t find anything on it.


Here you go! Let me know if you run into any issues.

Those instructions are for the Aion Desktop Wallet l am trying to find the Aion Aiwa wallet instructions. I can’t connect into cranberry since my wallet stopped working.

Oh I see, my mistake. The best way to recover your account from a seed phrase with AIWA is to completely remove it from Chrome (uninstall the extension), and then reinstall it. Once it’s been reinstalled, check the Use Existing Seed Words box.

Then click Next and enter your seed words on the next screen.

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Thank you! It didn’t work at first then I had to go into my drive and remove all the old Aiwa files and then it worked like a charm.

I appreciate the help

No problem. Glad we managed to get it sorted.