, a stable PPLNS Pool - For the Glory of the Horde!

We have started the most stable community friendly Aion pool using Aion’s pool software.

There is now a new EWBF Miner that is a stable and high hashrate miner.

You can check out our pool site at for some simple instructions on how to install and mine with the new EWBF Miner that supports both Windows and Linux systems.

Our servers:
North America: PORT: 3333
Asia: PORT: 3333
EU: PORT: 3333

If you already have it installed, you can use this simple command to run the EWBF miner:

./miner --pec --algo aion --server --port 3333 --user youraddress

We currently have 1% mining fee based in Toronto!

Should you have any questions, please join us on our Discord Channel! We are looking forward to seeing you!

sweet. always there to support smaller pools! will change mine over later this evening

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Just a small update, we have been running our 0% fee pool for two weeks with no downtime! woo

Discord link is outdated.

Also, do you limit the number of connections per IP ? I can’t connect more than 3 rigs…

There is no limit to the number of rigs to IP. We also updated the discord link. Let me know if you are still having issues =D

I got a question. The UI from a few pools ive been looking at all look similar. Are the pools just run by the same people?

No, they are not run by the same people. The UI/website originates from the Aion Network themselves therefore a lot of public pools are using the default code. That is all.

The post above is correct. Both the UI and website are created by Aion, and it is up to the pool themselves to run it on their own servers. Do note that we run our server with Digital Ocean that boasts a 99.99% uptime to ensure the server is not down due hosting issues. You can hit us up at our discord if you need help or have any questions. :+1:

Finally got the time to switch my miners over to this pool and its definately a leg up over my old pool.

Welcome to the pool! Glad to have you on board! You will enjoy very good payouts at our pool and if you have any questions, please join our discord!

Fixed a problem with pool banning miners yesterday.

Great news. The EWBF Miner is out and it is performing very well.

You can use this miner.cfg to easily mine on our pool. has been working great so far for all our miners (change user to your own wallet address).

Common parameters

All the parameters here are similar to the command line arguments

cuda_devices 0 1 2 3 4 5
templimit 80
pec 0
boff 0
eexit 0
tempunits C
log 3
logfile log_name.log
algo aion
pers 210_9

The miner start work from this server

When the server is fail, the miner will try to reconnect 3 times

After three unsuccessful attempts, the miner will switch to the next server

You can add up to 8 servers

main server

port 3333
user 0xa0d1565b5b1056942421b2473d25cc2ad2e14d1ed358a908f9a2475fff26d616


port 3333
user 0xa0d1565b5b1056942421b2473d25cc2ad2e14d1ed358a908f9a2475fff26d616

Hey guys. So apparently a lot of other pools are having issues supporting the new miner.

In the meantime, come check our pool out. We are running stable so far and if you like consistent service with close to zero downtime, join us and you’ll be happy to have switched!

We run our pool on a proper server unlike other pools who are unable to handle the load that the ewbf miner has brought.

Where is your server located?

Our server is located in Toronto Ontario.

I have 2 miner
on Glorypool, but only appear 1 rig hash. Any help?

Hey marcos587.
Please join our discord so I can help you troubleshoot.

It is our pleasure to serve the aion community in this time of chaos. I hope you guys will stay with us as we provide the most stable aion pool. A huge milestone for us as a pool!

we just had to do a quick upgrade to the server. Had a crazy amount of hashrate join suddenly but all is fine now. was down for around 5 minutes.

To everyone, Note that if you are experiencing a Timeout error when joining our server, please wait 15 minutes as this is a preventative measure to combat malicious miners from spamming our pool with invalid shares. If you are still having issues with connecting after waiting 15 minutes, feel free to DM me and we will help fix any problems you may be having.