Has the codebase been audited?

Just wondering before main-net is released as it been audited by some auditing company?

I guess INTERNAL audit already been done.

independent third-party audit would not be really feasible or worth it as the code base is HUGE.
go thru all that would take forever

Seems a little haste to launch mainnet without a third party code review. Actually very concerning since even Ethereum DAPPS have multiple code reviews for mutliple months and bug bounties before mainnet launch.

for the auditing work, it’s for the smart contract code. Cause it’s more easy to get hacked because of lacking formal verification tools. But now they want to lanuch is the aion core which is clear not the smart contract code. The previous two testnets are for bug and logic flaws. The team is more confident to lauch the mainnet because they have already solved the existing problems. So i don’t think it has any problem.

Yes … for little work like SMART CONTRACT editing.

here we’re talking about the KERNEL with millions line of code then what auditing we talking now ?

if there is any external auditing it should have been long ago working side-by-side with engineers for verification.

pick any credible professional auditing company. Throw a millions line of code at them

does the auditing company understand formal requirement ?

the question is how long does it take for them to finish auditing ?

more important is. Can they go thru millions line of code and understood everything what it does ?
how reliable are those auditor ?

and this is in JAVA

we’ve been involved in testing AION kernel for a while.

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One possibility would be to work with Hacken. Get some white hats in looking for vulnerabilities.

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