Have you guys seen the aion explorer? That thing is awesome

You can install the user-interface and run it locally pretty easily, get it here.

You can get information on the blockchain in real-time and check out everything on it. Still some bugs here and there I’ve noticed but those will be fixed soon I guess.

Also, it looks dope! Good job on that thing!

EDIT: I will temporarily host it here

EDIT2: It’s now on https://dashboard.aion.network


Totally missed the fact that they had this MVP! Just installed it - thanks for the heads up.

It looks awesome! Great work team. I’ll have a play around with it myself and report any issues I can on Github :slight_smile:

Wow, yeah that’s excellent. Exactly the tool we’ve been looking for to see the bigger picture of what’s happening.


Got a Reddit thread going here. Wanted to show this off to the world :slight_smile:

Now I can’t wait for someone to put this up on the web somewhere. I don’t trust my local blockchain.



Same here. Would be nice if a trusted source hosted this for a while. Aion? :slight_smile:


They seem to be hosting the api, but I don’t see the actual dashboard anywhere.


For intsance, this will show you the latest block


But it would be nice to have the dashboard available - I just don’t see a link to it anywhere.


I take that back. It’s here:


Ya boy took care of it :muscle:

EDIT: Our boy Jason took care of it.


Aion Network Dashboard


Real beauty :). Thanks a lot @Jason

The new dashboard looks amazing!

Dashboard looks solid.

It looks amazing! I think a next step would be to improve the responsiveness, it just needs a few tweaks

Nice job, very uniquely designed!

@Jason Hey Jason, is the dashboard always in sync? Just noticed that the address Ive been mining to doesn’t have the transactions of the past 2 days. Or perhaps the dashboard is on the older fork?

Your kernel has probably gone off and mined a side-chain, this is a known bug. You can find more information at Aion BetaNet MegaThread v0.1.14

heya. @blaaki yes, it sounds like your node likely went off on a side chain.

What block number are you on compared to the dashboard?

If you are unsure, you can restart the node and look at the first few lines for num=

and/or in your config file, set show-status to true


resulting in a frequent log output of
[sync-status self=316474/32022910 network=316474/32022910 blocks-queue-size=0]
showing blocknumber/total difficulty for you (self) and network (network)

@Jason Ok so I used the aion_web3 api using eth.blockNumber and its 1971 :smiley:
When restarting node:

[sync-status self=1973/31720 network=0/0 blocks-queue-size=0]
[sync-status self=1973/31720 network=0/0 blocks-queue-size=0]
[sync-status self=1973/31720 network=0/0 blocks-queue-size=0]
18-03-08 15:02:53.374 INFO CONS [miner_status]: Aion internal miner generating 0.26666666666666666 solutions per second
[sync-status self=1973/31720 network=0/0 blocks-queue-size=0]

So I guess I’m on a side chain ? Also whats the second number in ‘1973/31720’ ?

1971, great year. Not as great of a block to be on.

Second number is difficulty of network.

:point_down: Yes, second Network numbers show you are not connected to the network.

If you see network 0/0 that means you are not connected/synced to the network I believe.