Help - token or coin

Hi folks!

I have a coinomi iphone wallet and a bunch of AION in there.


Can someone tell me if I have AION tokens or AION coins? The Coinomi wallet just says “AION”.

Can someone take pity on this n00b and lemme know how I can identify a token from a coin before this swap ends?

Thanks for any useful insight!


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Aion main net addresses start “0xa0” plus 62 hex characters (versus Ethereum’s “0x” plus 40 hex characters)

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What’s your Aion wallet address start with? If it starts with 0xa, then that’s the Aion main net coin and not erc-20 token. If it doesn’t start with 0xa, then it’s erc-20 and you’ll need to swap them.

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In addition, Coinomi visually identifies whether coin or token. Coins are displayed with just their name, whilst Tokens are listed along with the Network they reside on: