Helping AION develop it's philosophical argument. Here's the term necessary to properly describe AION - Data as a service (DaaS)

At the heart of the 3rd industrial revolution, the technology sector has been evolving through a couple of phases. The two major phases being:

  • Infrastructure as a service (laaS): Where infrastructure components like servers and hardware are hosted by a service provider.

  • Platform as a service (PaaS) where a service provider offers an environment from which companies can deploy and manage applications.

Now the technology sector is going to enter into the 3rd phase. One could correctly argue that AION being both a decentralized platform, and a service, but here’s the philosophical difference (no one has picked up on yet or coined). It’s data as a service (DaaS).

See AION is treating all blockchains, and legacy systems as “data feeds” while blockchains like chainlink and IOTA are making this huge fuss about “decentralized oracles” that can tap into legacy systems.

AION sets itself apart by saying “hey what’s a blockchain other than a data feed, and let’s treat it appropriately by re-routing and branching and making all feeds available to each other”.

AION sets itself apart by saying blockchain? No, it’s just another data chain, another data sourcing system that can be tapped into.

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Interesting idea. I think most blockchain networks act as an alternative to the first phase (Infrastructure as a service). They replace centralized infrastructure with a decentralized infrastructure (dIaaS) - there are many reasons why this is a transformative shift.

Correct, The way i’m conceptualizing it is: dPlatform + dInfrastructure = Data as a service.

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