Hub and Spoke Decision

During Vitalik’s talk yesterday at DevCon he mentioned a list of ideas that were eventually discarded as they did more research. One of them was Hub and Spoke ( …start video at 1:02:30). Is the hub and spoke method locked in stone as the way the AION network will scale? If so, have the reasons the Ethereum foundation moved away from hub and spoke been discussed by the AION technical team and been figured out?


Aion scales both horizontally and vertically.

Aion scales horizontally via spoke chains, allowing transactions to be performed outside the main net.

Aion scales vertically via the FastVM/AVM, handling more transactions faster and for less cost.

Aion’s hub and spoke model relates more to interoperability than to scaling, as I understand it. Rather than each chain connecting directly to every other chain (which would require an exponentially increasing number of bridges as new chains propogate), Aion can act as an interoperability hub with many bridges from it to other chains, so a new chain only needs to build 1 bridge to Aion to access all the other chains connected to it.