Keep it up guys!

I’m very happy with the way this community is holding up. The price is down at the moment, and I’m sure we would all like to see different charts.

But when I look at the behavior in other forums, full of entitlement, and ideas without substance or plan. I’m glad that we don’t see it here. Like children that just heard the trip to the sea has been canceled due to bad weather. Seems like a most people involved in this have the maturity to take a long term perspective, or at least chill out and take personal responsibility instead of whining/complaining.

I’ve red the foundation report and from what I make of it there’s still a lot of runway to keep building.

And building is happening, development is on track with the original whitepaper, I haven’t seen over-promising from the team.

Meanwhile I see these evolutions, namely erc20 tokens moving to their own chain, JPM using a permissioned version of eth, minting coins on that and promising to move to their ‘own’ chain with smart contract possibilities and bridges to other chains.

Now, where did I hear that before? Do we think each of these institutions will get an in house block-chain team? Personally I have the idea great things are ahead, and we’re too much ahead of the curve for others to understand.

To the people down on their investment: patience en perseverance is key.

To the developers of the code and the business, keep going, you rock!


Nice message :slight_smile: I fully agree with you.


Thanks for the encouraging message, everyone here at Aion appreciates it; and Yes, the building is continuing at a faster pace if not faster, and we are all gearing to roll out the AVM to production.