Ledger Nano Support

Hi All,

Just wanted to find out if getting Ledger Nano Support is on Aion’s radar?

Will be great to start storing my Mined Tokens somewhere safe.

Will it only be achieved after the bridge to reduce confusion for existing Aion ERC-20 users?


+1, That would be great to have support for ledger nano S and other ledger products.

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Don’t know if they had a discussion with Ledger at Consensus 2018? @Aion-Dipesh

Two of our engineers are working on it, we have already done our part and now will be submitting it to them for review. The process is similar to App Store, develop an app and submit for review for release, hopefully soon. The team reconvenes tomorrow will update if we got FaceTime with them in Consensus


That’s awesome. Can’t wait.

Hello, is there any feedback on this? We could push ledger to add Aion here: https://trello.com/b/5nQ1mdzt/ledger-roadmap


Would be amazing to see support for the native AION token!

Sounds great! I guess so many people use Ledger as main wallet.

Any updates?
I have a trezor is it a similar process?

The application has been submitted. It’s now up to Ledger. This can take a while as Ledger takes their time. Trezor would be a different application submission and haven’t heard about Aion applying yet.

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Upvote here for Ledger support: https://trello.com/c/VIxLdq9H

That may speed up things.


I submitted my vote :slight_smile:

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Voted as well. If you don’t have an account like I did, you can create one in about 10 seconds and vote :slight_smile:

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Hope it moves it along.