lolMiner 0.5 - Mining AION and others on AMD is there

Hi folks,

I recently released lolMiner 0.5 which is a Equihash 210/9, 144/5, 192/7 and 96/5 miner for AMD GPUs based on OpenCL.

You can download it here:
Click me (0.5 Linux)
Click me (0.5 Windows)

For mining AION the standard line to start the miner from CMD looks like
Linux: ./lolMiner --coin AION --pool YourPoolAddr --port PoolPortNumber --user Wallet.RigName --pass OnlyWhenNeeded
Windows: lolMiner.exe --coin AION --pool YourPoolAddr --port PoolPortNumber --user Wallet.RigName --pass OnlyWhenNeeded

For more options please read the lolMiner_manual.pdf shipped with the miner. lolMiner 0.5 supports fail-over pools, configuration files (easy sharing between Rigs and easy switching between coins), automatic worker names, a simple statistics reading API, logging to text file and many more features.

Current tests for 210/9 on some AMD cards:
RX Vega 64: ~155 sol/s
RX 580: ~105 sol/s
RX 560: ~52 sol/s
(These benchmarks were half hour averages)

Known Issues and Trouble Shooting

Problem: The miner crashed at startup when creating memory buffers or miner ends up with 0 sol/s from start.
Solution: The AMD driver requires on start as many MB of system memory as it will need on all started GPUs together. Increase the fixed page file size (Windows) or swap partition size (Linux) to give the rig more virtual memory.

Problem: The miner gets unstable or slow when using more then 4-5 GPUs
Solution: Start two instances and use the --devices parameter (command line) or “DEVICES” (config file) to point one instance to the first n GPUs and the second to the next. For most systems that will work better.


The official support thread for this miner is on bitcointalk but I will also have a look here from time to time to pick up questions, wishes and so on. Every feedback appreciated.

Have fun mining!

Personal Comment:
I have to thank some of the pool owners, especially Scott ( helping me out with the stratum interface and do some testing. Overall it was a challenge get this running on AMD. I started with about 44 sol/s on 580 on my first try and slowly creaked up to the current numbers. That said - this is surely not yet the end. I expect we can hit 15-20% more when its all done, but well - this is the initial release and more is yet to come.


Awesome! Thanks for your work Lolliedieb :+1:

Great job! Feel free to reach out to as many pool owners/operators as you can, we’re all in this together!

Great job man, there’s a lot of people who are going to appreciate this.

This miner has very low efficiency.

Hi slessv,

Can you provide some detail about your configuration, i.e. GPUs, operation system, drivers and so on (Clock settings)?

From the fee miner I get a good average what is going on around and this says 98% valid shares, so I expect this is some problem with your particular rig.

Hope you see that “its not working” does not help debugging things but with some more info I would be glad to help and debug / solve the issue :slight_smile:

You seem to be submitting a rather high amount of invalid shares. This can happen if your overclocking is unstable (usually too high) or if there’s high latency due to pool location vs yours (or simply bandwidth issues).

One of you guys that are mining with AMD cards, can you post some sols/watt numbers? Or something like total rig consumption… I do have a source of 570s and 580s and I want to know if it is worth investing in those. Thanks!

My 570s ~97sols and ~87W but my bios has timing mod for ethash and didnt want to touch so I dont know its good or not, other results will make us clear for sure.

Maybe shows incorrect statistics.

I do not have overclocking.

This supports RX 480 too, right?


Generally all cards from HD 7000 and newer with enough RAM should work :slight_smile:

awesome! thanks for making this. don’t suppose you know hashrate of RX480?