LoopPool - AION Mining Pool

Hi Everyone,

Find more details about our pool at looppool.org

Please use at your own RISK!

Main reason for the release of the pool is so that those who do not want (or are unable) to run their own node would still be able to mine on Day 0. There could be issues with payouts and therefore it is currently recommended to use your own solo pool. The pool software is still a WIP and the pool operator does not provide any guarantees should anything fail.

We have had some issues in the past, but everybody has still received their payouts!


The pool has switched over to mainnet!


I just wish there was a windows mining client!


So how can we see our hashrate/shares to make sure everything is humming along properly?

I was wondering how do you create a mainnet wallet address?

You can use the newest version of AION core from github, or just use a testnet2 wallet address if you already made one - they are compatible.

Thanks, Can this be used?

Yes! However I would caution against the web wallet, as with all web wallets, and suggest if you can to download and run the local version for creating the address/keystore.

I connected to your pool and get the following output:

[14:55:30][0x00007f41923d1740] Speed [15 sec]: 0 Sols/s
[14:55:30][0x00007f418f944700] stratum | Received new job #3ad
[14:55:32][0x00007f418f944700] stratum | Received new job #3ae
[14:55:35][0x00007f418f944700] stratum | Received new job #3af
[14:55:36][0x00007f418f944700] stratum | Received new job #3b0
[14:55:37][0x00007f418f944700] stratum | Received new job #3b1
[14:55:40][0x00007f41923d1740] Speed [15 sec]: 0 Sols/s

How can I view if I’m submitting shares?

Has one received confirmed pool payouts? How legit is this pool?

It’s essentially the solo pool with payouts enabled - it’s not a proper PPLNS pool as you are used to seeing.

Pool mining and payouts can be seen here and some basic stats on the pool website

Edit: Only benefit over solo pool is that you don’t have to run the node and pool software - you can just mine if you don’t want to deal with anything else.

Stats are: http://looppool.org/workers

From inspection on the chain, a couple payouts: https://mainnet.aion.network/#/account/0xa06d532bfad87eda0ca23be8556d56f94b56da7c210eecd8db8f743238cf6503

Are you connected to the correct port (9999)?

I have also found that smartminer is sensitive to the driver version, I had to roll back to the 390 version I believe for it to begin working.

how do you even run that smartminer?

same as the AION provided reference miner.
Example: sudo ./SmartMiner.v3 -l pool.looppool.org:9999 -cd 0 1 2 3 4 5 -u {rewards_address}

Just FIY, depending on how much hashrate comes on in the coming days the payouts cycle will likely be increased to ~30-60 minutes. The change will be reflected on the Getting Started page of the pool.

What is the block rewards guys?

From pulling from a random recent block: 0.775359715349107 AION

I think payment is not divided based on hash rate. if you mine the whole block you get that block rewards. That’s how it works. It’s same like solo mining.