Mastery AVM Kernel Release

Hi everyone,
We are delighted to announce that the AVM - Aion Virtual Machine is now ready for production and we are kicking off the release process.

• Read about the AVM here -

As usual, changes are released to Mastery in advance of Mainnet so Java Kernel v0.4.0 has been released for Mastery Testnet - (Please note that this repo is a temporary repo and will be deprecated when the Mainnet binary is released)

AVM changes go live at Blockno 2393000, estimated to be May 15 - Wednesday @12.00PM EST. All Mastery node operators should update before this block no. Please make sure to double check that in config/mastery/ has the following entry ‘fork0.4.0=2393000’ after the update

Lastly, on May 10th, an initial communication for Mainnet release was sent. If you did not receive it and want to receive notifications, please reply with your email on this thread, or send me a DM with your email.

Please comment on this thread for questions and support.