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We at are here to help you miners out!

My partner Gary has completed his beta version of scripts that will make sure you keep on mining in the event Smartminer were to crash.


  1. able to set amount of cards you are using

  2. able to set core clock and memory overclock settings per card number
    **Note -you need to unlock Nvidia overclock settings beforehand. link to enable overclocking:

  3. able to set fan control per card number

  4. able to set wattage per card number

  5. automatically launches MonitorWatch which displays all your Nvidia card related info such as fan speed, temperature, wattage, etc.


Launching one command will set your overclock settings, fan control settings, wattage settings, launch the “MonitorWatch” program, and launch Smartminer with your configured parameters.

Please read all instructions very carefully!

These scripts will be enhanced over time.


***Please note that overclocking is at your own risk!

Hit us up on our discord “scripts-help” channel if you require any help!

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