Mining with AMD

Is it possible to mine AION with AMD cards right now, has anyone compiled a miner? I am not the most experienced miner so maybe this is an ignorant question but I havent seen anyone mining with AMD cards. Would love to mine it though if possible.

you should maybe check this thread…SmartMiner v4 Amd Rocm Miner preview release


September 2018… Is there a plan to use AMD card on AION mining? I have some laying arround, and I’m kinda attached to AION, right now :slight_smile:

Yes, there is something moving ^^
I am currently preparing an AION miner to be integrated to lolMiner 0.5 … eta about 10 days :slight_smile:


Cant wait behalf of AMD miners community. Thanks for your effort.

Havnt tried using the rocm miner as u can only use one amd gpu. Looking forward to putting a full AMD rig on Aion. Tyvm for your work.

Has anyone successfully got this running on an RX480/580 (GFX830)?

I was able to get the ROCM installed on ubuntu 18 (16 failed)
However Boost is 1.65 and the miner was compiled with 1.58

I manually built 1.58 and created all the symlinks but when launching the miner it complains about the missing boost dependency.


I myself have no clue, I only know of someone who knows someone that made one. I would ask @Lolliedieb

I have created test set up with HD 7950 3GB.
Using lolMiner 0.6.4 on Win7, avg. speed is around 85 sol/s.
Running on

From current (!) profitability perspective its is not worth it,
unless you have free energy.
From long-term perspective - who knows…
Aion may or may not be the future. The project looks good.
I think it is better just to buy it, instead investing in hardware : ]

Some statistics:
Run time: 09h:05m
Energy consumed (I have digital meter): 1.602 kWh
Mined Aion Coins: 0.397