Mining Without Cuda

i recently decided that mining AION would be a good idea i have an old quadro fx 1800 but it doesn’t support cuda is their a miner that doesn’t need cuda and is not CPU miner

The ewbf miner seems to have a version that runs without CUDA , but I haven’t tried it yet.

Let us know how it works out and the speed you are getting.

Your GPU does indeed support CUDA, unfortunately the mining software available for Aion is written primarily to support Pascal+ series microarchitecture. EWBF for example requires your GPU have at-least 1.2GB of Memory and Compute Capability 2 or higher. Your GPU is one generation behind being Maxwell microarchitecture and does not meet the aforementioned requirements :frowning:

yes i was aware my gpu has cuda but i meant that it diddent support cuda 8
thank you

i tried a ewbf version that didn’t say it used cuda but it said there is insignificant driver is there a specific driver that i need
thank you

is there another miner that would work?

I’m afraid that the EWBF is the best available option and before EWBF, there was Smartminer and it simply won’t do any good to try it with the cards you have either.

If anyone has a different view, please share but I don’t think you have any other options that would be efficient enough.

is their a miner that will work with integrated graphics or older
amd cards?

no, this is not possible.

You could give lolMiner a try. Its slower then ewbf for Nvidia but the only thing required is a OpenCL 1.2 driver, so Kepler generation may work (es well as Titan V an other “unusual” mining cards . Also it fits within 1G memory for Aion.

I personally tested it even on a Kaveri APU, so yes it works with integrated graphics. But A10 7850k only does ~10 sol/s so well… have to be patient to mine something with iGPU ^^

lolminer is having trouble detecting open cl or something on my laptops Intel hd 620 are there any extra drivers that you need?

You can run clinfo(.exe) wich is in standard Linux repositories or freeware for Windows to see what OpenCL drivers got detected. But I have to admit that I have no Idea if the miner will work for Intel GPUs.
My suggestion to try lolMiner was for Kepler generation Nvidia or AMD iGPUs… others then this is untested.