More threads on CPU would result in AION GPU mining reduction

Hi there

currently for mining AION my CPU has been under-utilized.

i ran another program with 6 theads so more load on CPU (i got 6 physical cores, 6 vitual for total of 12)
i notice CPU load is somewhere (50%-70%) …

any impact on AION GPU Mining ? if so how signifcant ?


i have 2 rigs, 1 has an i3, the other an i5. they both use 90% cpu all the time with only smartminer running.

Is Cpu mining even profitable?

Can’t mine Aion with cpu.

You can actually, but it’s not efficient at all.

Can you mine simultaneous with CPU and GPU? My rig has a haswell refresh Core i7 (that’s what i’ve got, not paying for a different cpu now…) with not much to do…

I’m taking a look at older threads with cpu benchmarks, and a guess is that you can expect 5 sols/s on your cpu. In isolation, it may be slightly profitable.
This at this rate, you will need to mine for around 20 days at the current difficulty (generously not accounting for increase in difficulty) to find a block.
The cpu runs at 50W? so you will consume ~1KWh to find your first block.
you will earn: 1block1.5aion/block2.28$/aion=3.42$
Minus electricity cost, let’s say 8 cents/KWh.
Profit = 3,34$

If you have the possibility to mine on a gpu however, the opportunity cost will be much higher because mining on the cpu probably will decrease the efficiency of the gpu, and result in lower total sol/s output than simply mining on the gpu.

The above calculation also doesn’t account for overhead power costs, which may be 50+% for cpu mining, and 5% on a gpu rig.

Tl;dr don’t mine on cpu

I’m mining Aion with my gpus but also mining a different coin using my cpus. hashrate stays the same mining Aion.

That’s Interesting. I’m curious how that works out while the smartminer pushes all the cpu cores to up 100% in high frequency cycles.