My 1 year anniversary

I got on this forum pretty much straight away as it was put online and I just got my ‘1 year anniversary’ badge. What a year it has been!

I just want to say thank you to the AION team for doing what they are doing and building what they are building. Hopefully the community keeps active and growing throughout this crypto winter, although this is the perfect time for the foundation to focus on the development side while things are a bit calmer.


HI Jim,
Glad to have you here from the start. Whenever I log into the forum and see your comments, reminds me of the testnet days.

When we look back at how much we did in the last one year, I keep injecting in the reminiscing discussions that we would have been able to launch the network at that speed had it not been for all the help we got from our community members running the testnet.


Those were the days, eh :grin: