My opinion on Aion - what needs to be improved

Team/Fellow Investors,

Below are the points I want to take it to the AION team. Please correct me in case I am wrong in my opinion.

  1. Aion’s Official website design, look, colors looks very novice and doesn’t gives confidence if someone willing to have partnerships. Why not develop a better looking website as appearance is a key in business? I personally likeg GRS coins official website a lot. I am not promoting the coin but just defining an example.

  2. Why there is no update and delay on ERC20 to Aion native tokens conversion. If I recollect , Matt spoke about this on Aug 16th and its sep 7th which is almost 3 weeks but still no update.

  3. Dogetherum also created created a bridge to move coins to and from ETH so we just techinically achieved the same what Dodecoin done. I thought Aion team is superior in development perspective.

  4. ERC 20 to native coin via bridge is working fine and how about native coin to ETH. I mean burning the token in ETH and re minting the same in AION vice versa. When it is going to happen?

  5. Roadmap - the roadmap doesn’t looks subjective and difficult to understand. Also timeline looks very overview. It’s not clear what can be expected in each quarter. Create a roadmap with timeline on each quarter with what can be expected.

  6. What can be expected for the next quarter excluding token swap?

  7. No big exhchanges except Binance. I felt Matt Spoke was little harsh on investors mentioning that if people are here for quick bucks or for new exchanges then Aion is not suitable for them. To make my point clear, investors are here with big loss especially who are not involved in TRS and not participated in ICO. Moreover, Binance market is well known for market manipulation by Whales and that’s the reason Aion coins are dumped so hard. Everytime I can see 30K coins being ready for sale for way less price. Who can sell a coin below ICO price? Only the private sale benefited and TRS people.

By listing in Korean exhchanges, the investors will get more confident on the project and chances of manipulation might be reduced. As Matt said developing AION is the important and not exchange listings, I agree with that but my question is what harm does exchange listing cause.

We need Korean markets for the boom and in the end everyone in blockchain/crypto are for money.

Please free to correct me where I am wrong and appreciate where I am right.

  1. Are you talking about Groestlcoin’s website? I mean, design is subjective but their website is a basic Wordpress template and, in my opinion, looks horrible. It’s not even a custom theme either - you can buy it yourself here

  2. 3 weeks isn’t that long and I’d expect an update on this any day now. They want to make sure that the bridge works perfectly before putting it on the mainnet (for obvious reasons).

  3. The Aion network is being made to allow both coin/token and logic interoperability between chains - preferably without any changes being made to the blockchains themselves. For example, the goal is to allow something like BTC to be used trustlessly as collateral for a Maker CDP. This would use an Aion network bridge. Aion is also targetting interoperability between enterprise (private) blockchains and public blockchains such as Ethereum.

  4. The two-way bridge is being worked on and will be available in the future. For now, it’s just a one-way bridge from ERC20 to the Aion-1 native coin.

  5. The roadmap has a fair bit of information on it already with Matt giving regular updates through YouTube. I do agree that it could use a bit more meat.

  6. More upgrades to the Aion-1 mainnet, more exchange listings and a marketing push from the Aion Foundation.

  7. This is where I think you’re completely wrong. Manipulation happens on all exchanges (yes, even Korean ones and more reputable ones like Coinbase or Gemini). The people who are selling “below ICO price” could of bought at 60 cents and sold at 40 cents during the pumps and dumps. Markets are a lot more complex than just simple buying at ICO and selling on market.

Hopefully this cleared some things up for you.


Thanks for the reply.

  1. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wordpress or blogger template. It does look far far better and you can ask any person you know. Can you comment about the Aion website design? Does it looks good? Expecting your honest opinion not for argument. If you feel that it should be upgraded, then please request the same like me.

  2. 3 weeks is long because they should have done that without any announcement it does looks like announcement for announcement. They should made that announcement after testing it and not when still checking it.

  3. the two-way bridge is being worked on and will be available in the future. That’s fine, but when or it’s still in research?

  4. The roadmap has a fair bit of information on it already with Matt giving regular updates through YouTube - No information on the timeline on when and what will be achieved.

  5. Wish some good exchange listing happens like bithumb or upbit.

  6. I agree with you but when the coin is there in multiple BIG exchanges then you need enormous amount of money to manipulate the market and now even just born whales manipulating the market with few BTC’s.

I don’t want AION to die like REQUEST token which I initially invested based on their roadmap and what they try to resolve but failed miserably to meet the dead line and totally postponed the important milestones without any timeline.

I expect AION to complete the two-way bridge by 2018 end to get more credibility on their objectives.

It’s good to see replies in the forum.

Reply from AION team would be great. Hope they respected investors feelings and emotions.

  1. Website design taste is subjective. A lot of people were upset with the redesign back in May but Aion did it to stand out (versus the more boring black/white/blue theme that Aion–and many, many other projects and companies–had previously). It has grown on me, honestly. I think it’s too late to do (another) redesign 3 months later, because the branding would get muddled and confusing.

  2. Updates have been coming out on a rolling basis. Just this week Bilaxy announced its swap window, Changelly announced it will participate in the swap, and we now have a functioning mobile wallet released through Coinomi. More participating exchanges and wallets are anticipated soon, as well. It’s not easy to coordinate so many third parties and make everything happen at once. Also, a mandatory token swap is exactly the kind of event you want to pre-announce because you want as many people to know about it and participate as possible, and you need it to go perfectly.

  3. The Doge-Eth bridge is still in test net phase (it is moving tokens back and forth with the Ethereum Rinkeby test net). The upcoming token bridge release will be live on the main nets of Aion and Ethereum. Also, as mentioned above, the Doge-Eth bridge is solely focused on transfer of value (tokens) between networks while Aion ultimately hopes to enable the transfer of arbitrary data (value, information, logic).

  4. The full swap must be completed before the bidirectional bridge is released because otherwise there will be 2 different Aion tokens on Ethereum (the old/existing ERC20 token and the new bidirectional token capable of ad hoc burning and minting). To avoid confusion, the one-way swap is mandatory before the bidirectional bridge (and new compatible token on Ethereum) is released. IIRC the team has said that the bidirectional bridge has been in development in parallel with the one-way bridge.

  5. Engineering roadmaps are always moving targets, especially for groundbreaking tech. Aion isn’t a software company making another game, they’re building new blockchain tech from the ground up. With brand new tech you may get brand new bugs, so rather than set and reset quarterly targets, Aion has opted for a looser roadmap so targets can be adjusted. So far, the team has been nailing its milestones.

  6. Next on the roadmap after the swap is phase 2 which is still slated for release before the end of the year. This will include developer toolkits, the Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) and scripting language, and proof of intelligence consensus. Phase 3 has some huge milestones, so that part of the roadmap may get expanded and more detailed next year after phase 2.

  7. Exchange complaints are a bit silly at this point. First, listings are up to the exchange, not Aion. Second, it doesn’t make sense for an exchange to list the Aion ERC20 when the swap to native coins is imminent. Third, it doesn’t make sense to list the native coin when there are only 2 supporting wallets and more to be released. The team has said that the swap will open the door for new exchange listings, so I think we’ll just have to be patient.

  8. I think you’re too focused on short term price and may be over-invested. This is not a big pump moon coin. Price is important, and the team is aware of it, but it’s not the top priority when there are still major tech milestones to achieve. If you consider the total amount raised in presales (there was no ICO, Aion cancelled the public sale) and the TRS bonus for early purchasers, the current price per token is still above many people’s purchase price. Yes, I can understand why people think TRS participants are getting a better deal than the rest, but that’s purely due to timing and that they recognized this project’s potential. I could complain that it’s not fair that I didn’t get to buy BTC under $1000, but the fact is I’m there only one to blame for that. I chose to enter late, and I have to take responsibility for my entry point rather than blame anyone else or expect anyone to fix it for me.

Also keep in mind that this is a decentralized project which relies on its community for support. Financial support was taken care of by the token presales–passive investors just looking for a profit are not helpful, particularly when they complain about price loudly and often which only causes more people to question the project instead of buying in. What Aion needs most right now is help with adoption and use, whether that’s by spreading information, developing tools for use on the network, or using Aion as a project platform.


Thanks for the big reply.

  1. Let me wait till December to see the Aions marketing potential and how it progress.

  2. If you still say that Aion website design is good then no one would accept that except Aion evangelists.

  3. I don’t see any big partnerships interested in Aion.

I don’t see any big partnerships interested in Aion

TMX Group, Moog, Deloitte, and the Government of Ontario have all worked with the Aion team.

Blockchain project partners include Icon, Wanchain, SingularityNET, Enigma, SONM, Metaverse, Bitt, and more recently Amberdata, WinMiner, and Shyft.

A number of projects are launching on Aion. VeriTransfer will use Aion to decentralize the process of storing ownership rights and transfer of firearms. Velocia will be launching an open network for integrated mobility services like ride sharing, public transportation, and deliveries. Just yesterday, Risepic’s CEO tweeted that their personalized learning platform will be built on Aion, as well.

I don’t really care what you do with your own money (again, that’s your choice and your responsibility), but I think you’re underestimating this team’s track record, all the work they’ve been doing behind the scenes up to this point to build the Aion ecosystem to where it is today, and where the project will go from here.


@CryptoInvestor thank you for articulating your position. Also thanks to the community members @sassal and @a_toad_a_so for your input. I wanted to write to acknowledge we have seen your feedback and also are discussing it internally to improve where we can. I can attest that everyone at Aion is doing their best and pushing themselves beyond it. Constructive discourse like in this thread is absolutely encouraged and helps us adjust and make course corrections. :+1: