Newsletter and site feedback

So I came across a reddit post asking for crypto newsletters to follow. So, who am I to deny access to the mailingslist of Aion?

I went to the site, looked for the newsletter , clicked on community, since that seems to be the most obvious place to look. The copy on the top mentioned “signing up for our newsletter”, so I did a ‘find in page’ for newsletter and found nothing but the first instance. Then, as if I where an archaeologist in a pyramid, I started decoding the icons, surely they must lead me to the path of this mailing list?

I could decrypt the icons this by hovering over them and looking at the link in my browsers status bar, since no title, alt-tag or tooltip was there.


Unfortunately no mailing list there. Next I came here for this report, and then I went back to the site to look again, and noticed the big signup form on the front page. Now why didn’t I notice that before?
I think it’s because my brain is wired that “the big form field front and center a website” is a search form. Example: 1, 2, 3.

So anyway, now it’s hard to link the mailing list specifically, since the only link I could make is one to the frontpage of Aion.

My suggestion would be the following:

Link the different mailing lists from the community pages, creating sperate sign-up page for them.

Do a makeover of the icons, since I think they confuse visitors too much. See this recent post: ‘Icons: avoid temptation and start with user needs’.

Maybe as a start add “call to actions” for the specific channels. For example go to discuss to reddit and discord, stay informed is via medium or youtube.

On the frontpage and troughout the site, it’s not used consistently:

Personally I’d only put two, max three call to actions per page, furthermore, I’d direct people that are just passing by to foundation controlled media like twitter or medium. I’d also not expect them to know the gitter and github logo’s by heart. :slight_smile:

There is this crypto cliché, the more icons the better, maybe it’s a cultural thing, Chinese websites always appear very overloaded with icons in my eyes. I think if the foundation wants to play into that expectation, why not a content block highlighting the aion network, and put logo’s from the partners/participating projects in there? Should be a nice display by now, and generates more synergy for the ecosystem while building trust in the technology.

Another comment:
The video page is a bit boring, always the same thumbnail of Matt, at least this month we see Karim as well. The title is also fairly standard. I’d propose a re-design of this block making the tumbnail smaller but including the description from the clip like it’s described on the youtube page. The content is there and gives a good insight to what is discussed in a specific clip. This would entice a website visitor to click on a clip if it has specific content he/she would be interested in.

Anyway, hope these comments are useful to you, I do appreciate the work that was put into the site, general style/look and feel is lovely.

Have a nice day.


Oh wow! Thanks for all your comments there Hanz! I’ve passed them onto the team that handles the site.

Full disclosure: everyone’s pretty busy with Rebuild Conference right now, so there probably won’t be any movement on this for a couple of weeks. But it’s in the backlog to address these points!

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@Hans thanks for the feedback. I have shared it with the team. If you have noticed we have been updating the website page by page, and the pages that have not been updated will be prioritized after Rebuild.

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