No Luck today no coin

Almost 24 hours … have not even got a singe coin … Damm

you have one card i’m guessing?

lol the luck of the lottery. I’ve got two cards and this is the first 24 hour period I haven’t found a block.

finally got 2 blocks for today. I got 2 1080TI …

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Well sometimes i find nothing during 4 hours and it stresses me lol. In average i still manage to earn 40 to 50 coins a day… because of 1.5 reward for each block found. :blush:

what’s your rig have?

4 x rigs with a mix of 1x970, 6x1080ti, 10x1070/ti.

makes sense, good set up!

huge monster rigs :slight_smile:
I got one block today so far …

I consider myself a small player and i am not even in the top 30 of aion miners :grin:

But those with real big rigs keep radio silence. I would really like to know why they chose aion but i dont think they will answer :thinking:

@Delatour what is your favorite GPU?

Will you consider upgrading when the new line of Nvidia GPU’s come out?

Are you just eating the electricity expense?

Interesting questions.

My fav gpu should be the one i would buy right now. I prefer nvidia over amd because i mine algos which favor nvidia. That said i dont know what i would buy right now. I bought 1070 and 1070ti before prices went crazy. I started to do well so i bought 1080ti if prices werent 50% more than a 1070. The idea is to not have to buy each time motherboard ram ssd cpu et cetera. So 1080ti is the way to go. BTC price is bad right now and i havent paid hardware i bought so i dont buy anything more.

I would not wait next gen nvidia. First, founder edition cards are terrible. I ve got two 1080ti like that and fan is terrible and they are so hot and perform worse. First next gen might be terrible. Gamers will want to buy them… so they will be overpriced. If btc recovers, well i may buy gpus but we will see how next gen are.

I live in a place in canada where electricity is considered cheap. And i use the heat produced by rigs to heat the basement and forces my wife to not use the drying machine but hang clothes lol. So that s how i compensate electricity consumption.

I think people should buy rigs only with money they dont mind to lose even if i confess i hate to lose money. I invested the money i earned with mining by trading cryptos. Now i hold and will see what happens.

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Thanks for the insights.

1080ti’s is where I’ll go when I can upgrade.

I think it comes down to profitability. AION is much more profitable than anything else right now. The downside is you can’t really exchange it for anything, so you have to cover costs out of pocket for the time being. Assuming the big miners can cover the expenses and don’t mind waiting, this is the way to go.